Our collection of handmade placemats designed for children is truly unique. Introducing “My Placemat,” one of our latest additions.

Imagine the excitement it will bring to your little one as they discover their very own name beautifully integrated with their favourite character or theme on “My Placemat.” There’s something here to delight every child.

Moreover, “My Placemat” also serves as an extraordinary and thrilling gift for a special young individual and will double as a name plaque for the wall or door.

All the imaginative designs for our children’s handmade placemats have been crafted by Wood’N’Design. These designs draw inspiration from my decoupage work featured in my scrapbooks, photo albums, name plaques, and children’s treasure chests.

Measuring a convenient 29x21cm, each placemat is carefully papered and sealed on both sides using a water-based sealer. If none of our existing designs capture your fancy, remember that we can create something tailor-made just for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email to discuss your specific requirements.

Stay tuned for updates, as we continuously refresh our selection of designs.

You can catch up with us at the Old Bus Depot Markets  or online.  Check our events page for where we will be and for our attendance dates.



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