Decoupage Scrapbook/Photo Albums


Our decoupage scrapbook/photo album page will continue to be updated with my new designs.  Please contact us for any queries.

My decoupage scrapbook/photo albums are created in the traditional way, that is, my cut images sealed and coated with many layers of sealer/varnish and sanded and polished to a smooth silken-like surface.  I paint the background to my album and then create my own design cut from quality paper. Decoupage has become my passion and I love to design in both traditional and modern style.  The process can be quite tedious but the finished result is extremely rewarding.

Our scrapbook/photo albums are made in our own workshop.

The albums are made in two sizes:

  • large 33.5cm w x 32cm d, to hold 12×12 scrapbook pages;
  • medium 25cm w x 32cm d, to hold A4 size scrapbook page

The majority of the designs shown below can be adjusted to fit any size album and can be made to order if not in stock.  The completion time is approximately four weeks, so order early.

I also specialise in designing personalised albums and can create your special keepsake with your selected photographs decoupaged into the front cover – see our ‘Commissioned Works’ page.  Below you will find albums I have designed to date.  If nothing in our range appeals to you please let me know and we can discuss what you may have in mind.   You can contact us via our ‘contacts‘ page.


Decoupage Scrapbook Albums (to hold 12 x 12 pages)



#81Ladies in Red

Poppy84 (Out of Stock)

#79 Fairy Parade (Out of Stock)

#80 Designer3

Poppy76 (Out of Stock)


#78 Orchard (Out of Stock)


#74 Birdlife


63 Designer4

56 Designer3

#54 Fairies in the bottom of the Garden


10 Music (Out of Stock)


57 Piano


91 Winnie 

76 Rosa (Out of Stock)

34 Fairy Parade (Out of Stock)

#87Train(Out of Stock)


68 Twins (Out of Stock)

66 Lyre bird




55 Fairy with Lamp (Out of Stock)

35 Still Life(Out of Stock)

41 Fairy visions (Out of Stock)



Decoupage Scrapbook/Photo Albums (to hold A4-size pages)

25 Soccer Blue

33 Soccer Green

20 Cute