Name Plaques – for the girls

Our name plaques look fabulous on the bedroom door, on the wall, or alone on a stand, and also make the perfect gift.   You can choose your theme from our gallery or the decoupage design can be made to suit your decor.

Most little girls love fairies, flowers, butterflies and bling but there are some who like to do their own thing and create their own design.  We are only too happy to listen to their ideas and to take up the challenge to create something new.


NP1 Addy1

NP1 Abigail2

NP1 Airlie1

NP4 Abigail1

NP1 Alice2

NP1 Ada1

NP1 Alexandra1

NP2 Alexandra2


NP1 Amelie2

NP1 Amelia8

NP1 Amelia9



NP1 amelie1

NP1 amelia12

NP2 Angeline1

NP1 Annabelle1

NP1 Alyssa2


NP1 ava4

NP1 Bianca2

NP1 Brenna1

NP1 Katherine3


NP1 Catherine1

NP1 Charlotte5

NP1 Chloe9

NP1 Chloe12

NP1 Courtney3

NP3a Ella13

NP1 Elana1

NP1 Ellie6

NP1 Ellie1

NP1 Emily10

NP1 Ella8

NP5 Emily13– Decoupage name plaque, 30cm x 30cm, with stand, Cost $45.00

NP1 Ellie2

NP1 Emmeline1

NP1 Emma8

NP1 Emma11

NP1 Elizabeth1

NP3 Gabrielle1

NP1 Gabriele Eve1

NP1 Georgia6

NP1 Georgia4

NP1 Georgia8

NP1 Georgia3

NP1 Grace6

NP1 Grace7

NP2 Harper Grace

NP1 Heidi Bear1

NP5 Harper2

NP1 Imogen7


NP1 Isabelle7

NP1 Isla3

NP1 Isla5

NP1 Isla7

NP1 Ivy3

NP1 Isabella7

NP4 Lily15

NP1 Lily14

NP1 Lily16

NP1 Lucy10

NP2 Lani1

NP1 Mia12

NP4 Mia13

NP1 Olivia7

NP2 Olivia & Charlie

NP1 Poppy4

NP3 Poppy8, with stand

NP1 Roxane1

NP4 Ruby23

NP4 Ruby20

NP1 Sienna10

NP1 Sienna6- Sophie3

NP1 Scarlett2

NP2 Sienna9

NP1 Sophie13

NP1 Sophia3

NP1 Sophie6

NP1 tehya1

NP1 Tilly1

NP1 Victoria3

NP1 Violet1

NP1 Zara1

NP2 Zara2

NP1 Zoe6