Name Plaques … and more …

Our name plaques look fabulous on the bedroom door, on the wall, or alone on a stand, and make the perfect gift.  Add a special touch to your child’s bedroom, personalised with your little one’s name.

The Design

You can either choose the theme for your name plaque from our gallery or the decoupage design can be made to suit your decor.  We can also make a personalized plaque, maybe something unique for your caravan, your front gate or a plaque for your house.

The Plaque

Our plaques are made from MDF wood, or pine.  The standard size is 28cm x 8.5cm, but can be made to any size to accommodate the name.   The letters of the name are a glazed chipboard and all plaques are finished with a water-based sealer to protect the surface.


Prices generally range from $30.00 to $45.00 for children’s name plaques and from $45.00 for house plaques, the cost depending on the size of the plaque and the detail of the decoupage design.

Please visit our plaque galleries –  ‘for the girls‘, ‘for the boys’ and ‘other’ for a more detailed view of the plaques we have designed to date.

How to order
  • select the size of your plaque from the range below, i.e. NP1, NP2, NP3, etc
  • enter your selection in our ‘contacts‘ page to let us know which design, and size, you have chosen and the name you would like on your plaque, plus any other relevant information, and then
  • send along to us.

After selecting the size and design of your plaque, click on one or more of the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons below; this will direct you to the checkout page.  Postage costs will be added at checkout.


Handling and postage costs are currently from $12.00, according to weight.  If postage costs are not applicable, please contact us and we can pass on our direct debit details for the cost of the plaque, or make other arrangements for payment or collection.

NB:  Two average size plaques will accommodate a $12.00 postage cost.


Delivery will be approximately 10 days.

NP1 – approx. 28.5×8.5cm  $30.00 + postage
NP2 – approx.  26x14cm $35.00 + postage
NP3 – approx. 29x21cm, with 17cm wooden letter and stand $50.00 + postage
NP3a – approx. 29x21cm $35.00 + postage
NP4 – approx. 16.5×16.5cm  $30.00 + postage
NP5 – approx, 30x30cm, with stand $45.00 + postage
NP6 POA Custom made


Custom made plaques – price on application