Name Plaques – for the boys

Our name plaques look fabulous on the bedroom door, on the wall, or alone on a stand, and also make the perfect gift.   You can choose your theme from our gallery or the decoupage design can be made to suit your decor.

Whether the boys like bugs, beetles, frogs — cars, boats, planes, tractors or trucks — animals from the jungle — baseball, cricket, tennis, footy — the ocean, the rain forest, the desert,  or pirates on the high seas, we are only too happy to take up the challenge.  Browse through our range below or contact us if you have something special that you would like to us do.​

NP1 Arthur1

NP1 Adam3

NP1 Aaron3

NP1 Alan1

NP1 Alex4

NP1 Archie1

NP1 Alexander6

NP1 Alexander3

NP1 Brayden1

NP1 Beau1

NP1 Benjamin1

NP1 benjamin2

NP1 Benjamin4

NP1 Ben9

NP1 Caleb2

NP1 Cameron3

NP1 Campbell2


NP1 Dane1

NP1 Damian1

NP1 Enzo1

NP1 Eamon2

NP1 Ethan5

NP2 Henry2

NP1 Harrison2

NP1 Harry6

NP1 Hugo1

NP1 Hugo4

NP1 Hugo5

NP1 Harry5 Super Heros

NP2 Henry1

NP1 Isaac2

NP2 Jack7

NP1 Jackson2

NP1 Jack9

NP3 James8

NP1 Jeremy1

NP1 Jack16

NP3a Joshua14

NP1 Jenssen1

NP1 Johnny1

NP1 Karl1


NP1 Liam11

NP1 Lucas19


NP1 Luke1

NP1 Mason6

NP1 Mason3

NP1 Oliver6

NP1a Oliver5

NP1a Oliver4

NP1 Patrick1

NP2 Riley4

NP1 Oliver8

NP1 Ryan4

NP1 Ryan5

NP1 Saxon1

NP1 Samuel4

NP1 Tim2

NP1 Tom2

NP1 Tyler1

NP1 William 8 Hungry Caterpillar

NP1 William6

NP1 William3

NP1 William4

NP1 Xavier1

NP1 Xanith1

xavier5 NP1