Name Plaques – Aged Care

Our name plaques for a special person have proven to be very popular.  If your special person is residing in an aged care facility, a name plaque with a meaningful design can assist them in recognizing their room.  Their plaque can also become a talking point amongst their friends.  We can create a design that will assist them to recognize their room. Whether the design be a special event, their career path, gardening or sports, it will be something they can identify and may recall.

The plaques are made from wood and are easily adhered to the door, the wall outside the door, or above the bed with a double sided mounting tape.

The designs below were commissioned and have been designed by Wood’N’Design.  They have been made to order with the customers’ needs.  If you have something special in mind, please give me a call and we can discuss your design, or you can make a selection from our gallery.

You can catch up with us at the Old Bus Depot Markets  or online.  Please check our events page for where we will be and for our attendance dates at other venues.

To order your plaque please use our order form at the link below:

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Name Plaque size: NP1
28.5 x 8.5 approx.   $30.00