Name Plaques … Placemats … and more …


By weaving in your creative vision and filling your little one’s beloved themes, we have the delightful opportunity to craft a stunning name plaque that holds a personal touch for their space. Our name plaques are carefully handcrafted and individually tailored to span all ages, ensuring a unique charm. Whether you opt for a design from our collection or wish for a bespoke creation, each piece carries the signature of Wood’N’Design craftsmanship.


For the Children:

  • Customized name plaques for children of all ages.
  • Incorporates customer ideas and favourite themes.
  • Handmade and individually designed.
  • Can choose from existing designs or request a custom design.
  • Made from pine and MDF wood.
  • Standard size: approx. 28.5cm x 8.5cm.
  • Glazed chipboard letters.
  • Finished with a water-based sealer for protection.

Aged Care Plaques:

  • Special plaques designed for aged care residents.
  • Meaningful themes tailored to residents’ preferences.

My Placemat/Name Plaque:

  • Dual-purpose product functioning as both a placemat and a name plaque.
  • Standard size: 29cm x 21cm.
  • Finished on both sides with a water-based sealer.

Design Options:

  • Customers can choose from a gallery of existing themes or request a custom design.
  • Designs can match the décor of a child’s room.


  • Children’s name plaques range from $30.00 to $50.00.
  • Cost depends on plaque size and detail of the design.

Contact and Events:

Catch up with us at the Old Bus Depot Markets  or online and don’t forget to check our events page for where we will be and for our attendance dates at other venues.