Gallery & Product Information

Dear Customers,

Wood’N’Design are currently unable to take any new orders until after 25th September 2021.  If you have any queries on any of our products please get in touch or if you would to place an order we can keep your order on a waiting/wish list.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.  Thanks for keeping in touch. 

Wood’N’Design’s gallery is full of exciting items for you to browse through and will be continually updated with new product.

We began making our product for sale in 2005.  Over the years we have made many items such as dolls houses, keepsake scrapbook/photo albums, King Arthur’s castle, etc., for our family, but as they all grew older the demand lessened.  However the passion was still there to create and design, especially my love for decoupage, so we decided to attend some small markets in the ACT and found the demand, and appreciation, was still there for Australian handmade products.  So now in 2020 we are still enjoying producing beautiful items.  Browse our gallery to see our full range of items listed below.

Enjoy your visit to our site.