Welcome to Wood’N’Design Home Page: Where Artistry Meets Woodcraft

Welcome to our Home Page.  Step  into a world where creativity knows no bounds. At Wood’N’Design, we blend the timeless charm of handcrafted wooden pieces with the artistry of modern and traditional decoupage. Each creation is crafted with a touch of love, care, and detail, promising to captivate hearts across all ages.

Our Home Page serves as your gateway to a collection of handcrafted treasures. While we’ve bid farewell to our cherished classics like Dolls Houses, Toy Boxes, Bookcases, and King Arthur’s Castle, our dedication to excellence continues. Responding to popular demand, we proudly present our handmade and designed children’s name plaques, alongside a fresh addition: children’s placemats – a delightful way to add a touch of whimsy to mealtime .

These name plaques, available in an array of designs, are ideal for adorning bedroom doors or standing on their own.

Delve into our world of decoupage as you discover jewelry boxes and bespoke wooden memorabilia /document/photo albums. Our creations unite modern and traditional decoupage, infusing life into each piece. And for those seeking a personalised touch, our  Commissioned Works page unveils the magic of tailored albums that speak your story.

Throughout the year, the magic of Christmas comes alive in our advent calendars. Infused with uniqueness, a rich palette of colours, and an eye for detail, these calendars redefine holiday elegance. Beyond being a Christmas tradition, they stand as cherished gifts for any season; a testament to the charm of time-honoured craftsmanship.  And now, another new addition for 2023: handmade and designed wooden framed Christmas designs, Christmas plaques, and wooden Christmas boxes to hold your Christmas goodies and surprises, all bringing a touch of festive enchantment to your special Christmas décor.

Catch a glimpse of Wood’N’Design at the Old Bus Depot Markets  https://obdm.com.au/ in Kingston. For the latest updates on our events be sure to explore our Events page.

Welcome to Wood’N’Design.